Bahamian stories told through photography.

By The Lonesome Photographer

White Bull On The Highway
A Curated Photographic Guide of Eleuthera
Royal Bahamas Police Force Band
Rum Bahamas
The culinary and cultural Rum Festival of The Bahamas.
Miss Universe Bahamas
Miss Universe Bahamas, Cherell Williamson, photographed at Albany.
Church of God Baptism
photographs of a baptism in the blue waters of New Providence of Church of God Prophecy.
Spirit House
Set in the rural landscape of Devil's Point , Spirit House is an escape for the body, mind and spirit.
Powerboat Adventures
Images of Ship Channel Cay, home of the best and only excursion that let you experience the gorgeous wilderness and waters of The Exuma Cays in one day.
Mr. Ward
I met Frank 2 years ago in Cat Island. He spends his days on top of the Zonicle Hill overlooking the shimmering ocean and reading a book when he has one. He loves to read, I probably never met anyone who is a more an avid reader than he is.  Last time I visited him I brought him a Christmas Novels book. He loves telling stories and is an expert in bush medicine.
Giveton Gelin
Giveton Gelin is a young talented trumpeter. I tried to capture His passion and his love for Jazz in a shoot at Compass Point, New Providence.
The Accordion
Passing on the legacy of Rake 'n Scrape.
Bahamian Project
The goal of the Project is to create a permanent collection of photographs to provide recognition, foster cultural awareness and create a record of the people who form the heart and soul of our nation.
S.H.A.R.E. is an elective established in 2016 where students from Lyford Cay International School came together to make a difference in the Bahamian community. The school elective focuses on students becoming a part of a community based program to provide assistance to the overall development of the broader Bahamas community. Students are given an opportunity to be involved in public relations, advocacy, fundraising, and lesson planning.
Catch Da Cat
A coffee table book about Cat Island and its people
Greek Orthodox Church
A few photos of details of the church I took during Greek Festival 2017