These are the photographs which have been selected for the upcoming Exhibition Bright Lights & Raw Gems, to be held at the Central Bank of The Bahamas in July.

Giveton Gelin - Trumpeter, Nassau

Rodrick Smith - Coral carver, Cat island

Julian Russell, Rake and scrape musician, Cat Island

Frank Ward - The hill guardian, Cat Island

About the project

The Bahamian Project was founded by American photographer Duke Wells in 2012.
About the project, Duke says:
"What started out as a fine art photography project by one photographer has blossomed into an artistic/cultural/historical initiative with a growing cadre of photographers creating over 120 portraits of subjects from all walks of life, throughout The Bahamas."
The style of photography used in the Bahamian Project offers a faithful, permanent and universal means of communication. By presenting the subjects in a uniquely personal manner, the images provide insight into the personalities of the individual subjects and help create a mirror of the Bahamian condition.
The Bahamian Project acts to preserve history, providing meaning and insight to this time in the story of The Bahamas, showing the good in Bahamian society so that it may be fostered, enriched and enjoyed forever.
to know more visit their website
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