Hundreds of years ago our ancestors observed Europeans dance. The saw and goat skin drums imposed an African rhythm to the Quadrille dances.
The accordion was added later creating a musical style known as the Rake’ ‘N Scrape. For two hundred years, little boys on Cat Island learned to play by listening and observing their elders at music gatherings in their village. However, as it was forbidden to touch the instrument, they had to find ways to sneak the instrument to try to reproduce what they had seen and heard. Diana Hamilton is the creator of the Accordion & French Camp (CIAO) who’s mission is to form a new generation of highly skilled accordionists and save this art from becoming totally extinct. The project sees the participation of the last three pole bearers of this oral tradition : Sophie Webb, Franck Williams and Pompey.
They get to interact, share their music and tell their incredible stories. Jam sessions allow the children to practice with these seasoned musicians and forge
a bridge between their future and their past.
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