Pineapple fields in Hatchet Bay.

This is not your conventional travel guide—actually, it isn't a travel guide at all.
White Bull on the Highway is a curated collection of photographs capturing a small part of the beautiful places and interesting people I was fortunate to meet on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. 
As a professional fine art photographer, I am drawn to moments of natural beauty and human connection along roads less traveled around the world. My work creating distinctive coffee table books that offer unique views of the essence and energy of special places drew me to these shores where early Eleutherian Adventurers first landed seeking a different kind of freedom of expression.
I share these photos and very brief stories with you in hopes of giving you a few hints and just enough information to find your own unforgettable experiences in Eleuthera. Precious little advices here and there to inspire you to get to know the people, listen to their stories, and make your own discoveries.
Let the images speak to you as you set out to explore the island and its little-known gems. No tedious planning or boring guides or consultations; just wake up in the morning and take a look at the photos while sipping your coffee.
How about getting some fresh lobsters or grouper straight from the fishermen's boat? Or tasting a delicious local sweet? Or finding the best spot to watch a magical sunset? Or visiting a private island and lagoon, only accessible by boat with an experienced local pointing the way? Would you enjoy walking on a miles-long patch of sand revealing their treasures at low tide? These are only a few examples of what you are going to find in this book.
And since we live in a high-tech world, you'll probably have your smartphone along with you. Me too. You can reach me on WhatsApp if you want to ask for any further advice or information about the island:  +1 242 395 8359
Happy discoveries!

On the Bahamas Ferries Harbour Island bound.

The excitement for the trip to Eleuthera became pure freedom and joy the moment the ferry took off and left Nassau Harbour behind.
A beautiful three hours sail took me to Harbour Island. The breeze, the sun shining on the blue ocean and so many flying fish dancing with the waves.

Harbour Island

Walking on low tide on this huge flats of sand is quite special. Imagine like in the picture, to walk on this little temporary tongue of sand and photographing the lone tree buried into the sand. Last time I went, I notices something really strange. A little branch with new green leaves…The magic created by the wind, who transported a seed and dropped it on the tree.
Stay tuned for some Eleuthera Gems...

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